213 E. Locust Street; 815-756-2319

Monday, June 30, 2008

Tree Removal and Week Schedule

In case you haven't been by the site yet today, tree removal has begun! All the trees (less three along Palmer Ct near 2nd Street) will be removed. But don't worry, there are just as many trees be planted once the lot is complete!

The current schedule (weather permitting...please remember, any schedule is ALWAYS weather permitting in this line of work) is to remove light poles tomorrow and continue with removing the lot by the end of this week.

The ground breaking ceremony was this morning and went very well! Thanks to all who came; we had a great turnout!

Temporary Bike Rack

We are currently in the works to place a temporary bike rack on the site to accommodate for removing two existing racks. Until the temp rack is placed, and for during construction, there are bike racks located on 3rd at Locust and on 2nd between Locust and Lincoln Hwy. Once the temporary bike rack is placed, I will be sure to post that location.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And they're off!

The contractor started on site today removing items such as trash cans and benches. By tomorrow or Monday, removal of street lights and trees should begin.

The Baxter & Woodman field office is located at 213 Locust Street. Phone lines have not been connected yet, but we're close. I will post that number once we get it and please feel free to contact me there with any questions.

REMINDER: Lot 4 will officially be closed to the public starting Monday, June 30.